Sunday, January 20, 2013


Promised myself I would pick up writing again once I set foot in The Netherlands, not so much because i miss the writing, per se, but because as lazy as I am, I would kinda like to remember how I felt passing each day living here.

The environment is so completely different to what I'm used to. Melbourne & Malaysia was home-surprises were rare, I knew every corner and turn (well, okay almost), and it was comfortable.

Here, I'm constantly feeling at a loss for words, both literally and figuratively. It's hard to get used to a language that is so completely foreign, yet it feels strangely exciting to be immersed in such a different culture.

Today was my first encounter with falling snow-and this went on all throughout the live long day. It was relentless, and after awhile you kinda have to just don your thickest coat & beanie, and brace the cold and wind to go out. Despite the challenges (i.e. putting everything on and taking it all off, snow getting in your eyes, trudging through slippery sidewalks etc), I have to admit that this was one of the most amazing & prettiest things I have ever seen.

& a part of me kind of thinks, maybe this was what it's all about. experiencing things like this is (was) the whole point of me stepping out in faith, out of my world of routines and comfort-if only to step outside myself and see things differently.

I just know I'm going to feel super homesick once mum leaves, & once life here really begins for me-alone. and when that happens, I want to remember how I first felt, when I looked outside and saw the snow slowly falling, leaving everything in its wake clean, white & fresh.

It will be worth it.

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Melissa said...

you did it smalls!! :D

have fun, i'm sure it'll be amazing. come back with heaps of pictures from sundance okay? :)))